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Heey wait! What about ME?

Updated: Jan 11

I don't know about you, but it seems like I give so much of me to everybody except myself. If I mention my viewpoint, I'm in my feelings. If I stay to myself, I am moody.

Sure, the responses to my perceptions get negative feedback since the takers are feeling slighted.

Reciprocity was absent, no matter how much I tried or the more I gave of myself the outcome was uneven. Seemingly, too many people had the same taking tendencies. I had no idea of what was going on, yet the "treat people as you wish to be treated" theory was hogwash. I even tried to treat people the way they were treating me, but that didn't pan out because I'm not wired that way.

It was time to figure out why "What about Me" was my mantra? I began to stop looking outwardly for answers and started looking inwardly for the solution. People will continue to take as long as I am freely giving away my efforts and resources to underserving individuals.

Obviously, detoxing from PEOPLE PLEASING TENDENCIES was the remedy! But there was something a little deeper, Low Self-Esteem. Stats show that PP tendencies is 1 of the few indicators of low self-esteem. OMG! I don't have Low self-esteem! DO I?

If folks are transactional driven and only want THEIR needs met, it is important for me to avoid becoming collateral damage.

It was tough at first, however, worth every bit of my time. I realized the more I blamed others the farther I was away from self-fulfillment. I was willing to DO THE WORK!

Do you have PEOPLE PLEASING TENDENCIES? Have you ever said to yourself: "What about me"?

What was your turning point that made you quit the PEOPLE PLEASING industry?

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Yes I’m a sufferer of pleasing everyone but myself

Replying to

You acknowledging that you have been ignoring your feelings, says a lot. Revelations is the first step to doing the work to be a better your.

Keep pushing forward.😀

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