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About Us

Some time ago, I was a woman who was unsure of who I was and the purpose for my life. Repeatedly, prioritizing everybody else's needs as I negated my own, depleting me even more. Those choices eventually came crumbling down onto my mental and physical health, until I literally began to resemble a corpse. I became unrecognizable to myself until the day of complete darkness was upon me.

God loved me so much he rescued me from the abyss that was trying to suck the remaining life from me. Realizing I needed to stop chasing people and things and to begin chasing me. Before long, Chasing Me was birthed! 

Utilizing counseling, peer support, self-reflection and the will to do the inner work aided to my resurgence. I learned to pray, redirect my time and energy to the things necessary to enhance the essence of who I was created to be.

Throughout my self-discovery journey, I noticed there were other women battling the same issues. Then I passionately began to feel compelled to coach women to become a better rendition of herself.  


Chasing Me strives to assist and encourage women in finding self-satisfaction and wholeness within herself. The methods, strategies, and disposition enhancements, I personally used to conquer adversity, will aid women alike. 

As a Self-Care Coach, I put emphasis on the enrichment of

the mental and physical fitness needs of interested women. Our atmosphere is sincere, authentic, thought provoking, and supportive. We also value positive services, confidentiality and most importantly respect for all involved in wanting to embark into her purpose.

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

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