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Carefully read this disclaimer clause, we at Chasing me are the sole owners of all content received and produced on this website. All of Chasing Me contents are for informational purposes only and.

None of its contents, (pictures, statements, logos names or responses) shall be copied or reproduced in any form or fashion.

All information received is for the sole purpose of self-growth.

Human error is always a chance, we apologize for any errors that may occur. We at Chasing Me strive to be accurate at all times. If anytime mistakes occur, we will make a conscious effort to expedite and make necessary corrections upon notice of inconsistencies.

Chasing Me will have the authority to modify the stipulations set forth in this disclaimer. Proper notification to such, will be advertised in an appropriate time frame. Always peruse terms often, to insure you are abreast of current updates.

We do not assume any responsibility or liability for injury or any other adverse outcome for information, videos or statement coming from this website.

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