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"It's Not that Bad"

Intimate partner violence : Actions by current or former intimate partner that inflict sexual, physical or psychological harm, incorporating physical aggression controlling behaviors and sexual force.

If you are currently in a situation that have any of those listed ingredients, then IT IS THAT BAD. You always deserve better!

Don't worry if no one believes you, where will you go or you can't live without him. Ask yourself this, am I really living my best life now? I know the mental gymnastics can be confusing, your sanity and worth is blurred, but never blurred enough to stay in an environment that's compromising your quality of life. When you convince yourself that it's not that bad after repeated episodes of beatings, put downs and intentional financial neglect, is when IT IS THAT BAD!

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. Roughly that is 41%, one percent too much.

Unfortunately, 47,000 women and girls worldwide have lost their lives by their intimate partners. Those women wish they could have done things a little differently and I am sure some did, however, no one deserves to be abused or lose their life to domestic violence. We women have to love ourselves enough to walk away from dangerous situations the first moment we feel uncomfortable and or frightful. Our bodies alert us in advance, giving us a inclination of something is not welcoming. We have to stop ignoring those alerts and take immediate action.

First and foremost, go to a safe place. Pray, ask God to give you the strength and courage to escape the grips of your abuser. Confide in a trust worthy person, reach out for help. You never know what resources one can provide if you remain silent.

If you have to be strategic in your escape, do so, but always know you DO deserve better and if you have said "IT'S NOT THAT BAD" then it is THAT BAD.


We are here for you. Self-Care Coach

24 hour Domestic Violence Hotline 1800. 799. 7233

Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline 1 866.723.3014

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We need someone who does not judge, someone to turn to that will not say “just leave”, I’ve found it with Chasing Me.

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